Mark Johnson
Customer Review
Joe helped us on our 2011 Chevy Equinox . Had a creaked transfer case. The Super Shops crew had it done in a couple of days . Great service

Excellent customer service great knowledge owners are also mechanics and know how to properly diagnose vehicle's

-John E. (5-star Google review)

I will and repeat will never take my car or my sons car anywhere but here. Best prices in town and my car told me they touched her with respect and didn’t mess up anything so I would have no choice but to come back to them. I have lots of love for this group of Mechanics.

-Clover B. (5-star Google review)

5-Star Google Rating from Dean L.

Impressed by the facility. We were referred because our truck needs a compressor. Air conditioner not working. We scheduled an appointment because the price quoted for the repair was reasonable.

- Severa R. (5-star Google review)

Yvonne Quale
Customer Review
I have been told for months now to visit this shop and told repeatedly that they will genuinely listen to my needs regarding my vehicle and let me know what I need instead of piling up repairs I don't need! So finally, I did visit! So glad I did. They welcomed me and listened to my concerns about my vehicle and assured me they will look at all my concerns and inform me of actual repairs needed. They kept their word and talked to me about any repairs needed (mine included) and on a level of importance and worked with me regarding my time. Who does this anymore? Super Shop does! I'm glad I finally paid them a visit, it was worth it! Thank you Super Shop Team.
Deziree Flynn
Customer Review
My 2014 Dodge Avenger had been broken down for 5 months due to overheating.... at first. I had a family member replace the radiator and when we started the car to see if that fixed my overheating problem my car then would start and die after a few seconds. I felt like my car (which I am still making payments on) was a goner. I finally gave in and started googling mechanics in my area. I found Super Shop and they had great reviews. I had my car towed there and was honestly impressed when I walked in the door. Maybe I have been to the wrong mechanics but this was the nicest shop I had seen. It was super clean and the staff was all very nice. I explained to them the problems I was having and they even offered a ride home which I didn't need, but it was kind of them to ask. I didn't hear back from them for about 5 or 6 days which did worry me at first, but I knew there was ALOT of cars there when I dropped mine off and my car had not been moved in 5 months, so I was patient. I did finally received a call from them explaining what was wrong with my car and how much it would cost to repair and they even checked to see if my overheating problem was fixed since I couldn't get the car to start to check. I thought for sure I was going to pay a crazy amount, but it was actually very reasonable. I was able to pick up my car the day they called. It had been running well for a few days until the check engine light came on, but it had been sitting so it was expected. I was happy with their work so I went back and currently have my car there to pick up. It only took 3 days for my car this time and again they called me to let me know what was wrong and how much it would cost to repair. I will only go to this shop going forward. Best mechanic in Merced BY FAR.
Val Fogelberg
Customer Review
Two individuals you need to be able to trust. Your doctor and your mechanic. Excellent service at reasonable rates. So happy to be able to support this local business.
Dennis Haines
Customer Review
Should have written this several weeks ago. I read the reviews first, and, wanted to see for myself why all the good comments. I was not, and, you will not be disappointed. Been going to the Super Shop for several months and they have all been incredibly professional. My 2012 Ford F150 transmission suddenly was acting really weird. Benny was awesome. He walked me through the whole process and the truck has been running smoothly ever since. Benny saved me several thousand dollars. Great place. Honest and professional. Many, many thanks

From the few times I have needed to go to a mechanic shop, this will and forever be my go-to spot. With a very organized and professional staff, Super Shop Automotive has shown to be the #1 place to go in Merced to get your car fix or for a consultation. This shop is not looking to scam people (like other shops), this shop is always booked with appointments and walk-ins therefore not needing to waste anyone's time or money. Overall, a trustworthy place to get your vehicle fixed. - Victor R. (5 star review on Google)

GREAT work. Amazing staff. - Anthony G. (5 star review on Google)

Very good service. This is the only place that we take her vehicles to. - Jovani C. (5 star review on Google)

Benny and Andy are the best. I would recommend them. I took my wife's 2006 Nissan Murano in for some work, and after we got it back, it ran like a champ. Thanks again. - Rick S. (5 star review on Google)

Benny helped me out today--real cool dude. When you drop off your car, they offer you a ride home, and they actually have the NECESSARY tools to CORRECTLY diagnose your car. They switched out a split vacuum hose for vacuum switching valve, and they didn't charge me at all. If you want a diagnostic, don't erase the codes before you go to Super Shop like I did so they can properly diagnose the car. This business is always busy for a good reason. - 5 star review on Google

Best of the best. - Don P. (5 star review on Google)

Fantastic work and customer service. - Daron M. (5 star review on Google)

Staff is friendly. They know you by name. They have a super clean and big shop. The owners are great guys. - Dwight S. (5 star review on Google)

My company car broke down right as I entered atwater. Drove it to their location, and the van just died right at thier door. Long story short. A 4 hr job was done in 2. Got me on the road fast. Super Shop Automotive lives up to thier name. Thanks guys. - Khoua Y. (5 star review on Google)

Excellent work by the mechanics. - Doug J. (5 star review on Google)

Great experience. They're very knowledgeable mechanics and provide helpful service. - Guy G. (recommended on Facebook)

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